Giuditta Lazzarini

1988 was the year of Roberto Benigni's "Il Piccolo Diavolo" film release.

1988 was the year I was born.

One element in common: Giuditta.


"Sample number 4: Giuditta! Eh, now I don't want to influence anyone. Look at it in silence and reflect. You have waited an hour. but now you can finally see it: it is a sparkling, intimate, melancholy model and - what was it like? - and sincere and ... but it is a model, above all, suitable for jumping, this Giuditta!"

– monologue from Il Piccolo Diavolo

(The Little Devil)

Born and raised in Trieste, Italy. Expat in New York.

Over the past decade, I have worked in fashion design, theater and film costume design, commercial video styling, and hand embroidery. 
More recently, I have been focusing on digital illustration and oil painting.
Hospitality management and cooking are skills I have learned along the way.

I have a great passion for movies, especially 80s films based in NY.
I spend endless hours collecting images, color palettes, and pop objects.

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